Our story

The Art Carte is a lifestyle brand that blends art and functionality to create unique stationery, greeting cards and home goods; inspired by nature and culture Launched in 2020, what began as a passion project has grown into a brand that creates products carefully crafted to reflect the beauty of everyday moments. Our world is full of bold colours, fresh ideas, unique concepts and premium products featuring Ladouce’s one-of-a-kind hand drawn illustrations and distinctive colour palette that are the Heart of The Art Carte.


At The Art Carte, we believe that art should be accessible and easily integrated into our daily lives. With the goal that our products should be functional, aesthetically-pleasing, high quality and practical, our carefully curated collections will delight clients who love the beautiful and unique and appreciate artistry. It is our passion and purpose to make every day a masterpiece for you and your loved ones, one product at a time